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<<Strengthen the Class and Training Arrangement under the Coronavirus Outbreak>>

In view of the recent increase in the number of coronavirus cases, in addition to the continued implementation of various epidemic prevention and hygiene guidelines, WTSC will now strengthen the following arrangements:

If the "Learn to Swim Students" and "Team Members" meets one of the following conditions-

1) Living in a building where a person diagnosed with coronavirus (hereinafter referred to as "confirmed person") lives (please refer to:

2) Among them, relatives living in the same flat, teachers and students in the school are diagnosed as a confirmed person

Be sure to call 2512 2793 to inform us. WTSC will require them to suspend class or training for 14 days. Classes during the suspension period will be compensated within the next period (October to December).

The above arrangements will take effect immediately until further notice.

If you have any enquiries about the above arrangements, please call WTSC staff at 2512 2793 during office hours.