Student Guidelines

What tools do students need to prepare for courses?

Students have to bring the following items to lessons:

  1. Swim cap of WTSC (each new student will receive ONE swim cap free of charge during the first lesson);
  2. Swimming suit / swimming trunks;
  3. Swimming goggles;
  4. Beach robe / towel;
  5. Swimming pool slippers (must be slip-proof; please do not wear sandals

*WTSC does not encourage students to bring valuables or expensive swimming tools to attend lessons. WTSC will not be liable for any loss of property at any time.

Do students need to reach the swimming pool early?
  1. Since the lessons will start on time and the students need to change clothes, the staff will usually take the attendance of the students 15 minutes before the start of the swimming lessons. In order to avoid any impact on students' learning time, WTSC advises students to arrive at the designated swimming pool 15 minutes ahead of time (Please reserve time for travelling as the assembly locations are different for different swimming pools). Latecomers to the LCSD's public swimming pool swimming lessons must come at their own expense, on their own to the changing room and the swimming lesson locations.
At the end of the lesson, will the students dissolve themselves?
  1. After the end of swimming lesson, the students must follow the staff to leave the pool and disband.
Can the students stay in the swimming pool after the end of the lesson if they have the lesson in the LCSD's public swimming pool?
  1. All students in the LCSD's public swimming pool must follow the coaches and be dismissed from the swimming pool after the lesson. Students who wish to continue swimming after the lesson will be required to re-enter the swimming pool with their parents or guardians (Only for those who attend LCSD's public swimming pools and whether the swimming pool is open to the public depending on the time). We will not be responsible for any physical injury that occurs outside the pool area or outside of lesson time.
If students did not attend the course assessment, can they retake the assessment?
  1. The swimming course assessment is a convenient way for the students and their parents or guardians to understand the swimming progress of the students. The assessment (there will be no assessment if the regular course has less than 8 lessons) is usually scheduled at the last 4th lesson of the course. If the student is not able to attend the assessment, WTSC will consider offering retake of assessment, however, WTSC reserves the right to refuse any make-up arrangement.
Can parents or guardians observe the lessons during lesson time?
  1. During the opening hours of private club swimming pools, school swimming pools, and public swimming pools, parents or guardians can choose to enter the swimming pools and observe the lessons. However, only 25 parents are allowed to obtain a swimming pool admission card per hour for Telford swimming pool. Those parents or guardians with the swimming pool admission cards can be allowed to enter the "Parents' Area", other parents or guardians without the swimming pool admission card can be only allowed to enter the "Roof Parents' Area" and the roof changing room. 
  2. Those who choose to enter the swimming pool must comply with swimming pool regulations and wear their own pool glue slippers or plastic slippers or shoe covers provided by the Club. Those who enter the public swimming pools must wear swimsuits at the same time and enter the public swimming pools at their own cost.
Can parents or guardians use other facilities of the swimming pool?
  1. All persons (including but not limited to students, parents or guardians of the students) are not allowed to use any other facilities of the swimming pools of private club house and the swimming pools of the schools (except those places which are open to the public, permitted by the staff of the premises or qualified for such use of the facilities).
Can students request make-up lesson for the sick leaves?
  1. If a student is required to apply for sick leave, the student must submit the application with effective doctor certificate to the pool manager, course assistant or coach in the pool (the office will not process any leave application). WTSC will arrange the make-up lesson of the confirmed sick leave students (students can request 1 make-up lesson for every 5 lessons of swimming course).
  2. If a student is advised to temporary suspend swimming for a period of time (usually 2 weeks or more), the student is required to submit a letter of request to the pool manager, course assistant or coach within 1 week after the medical diagnosis. Arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis. The course should be resumed within one month after the student is confirmed as the injury has been cured.
  3. Any application for sick leave which is later than the above specified time will not be accepted.
  4. No make-up lessons are allowed for the “Swimming Team Prep Course”.



Can the students choose the date and time of the make-up lesson?
  1. All the applications confirmed by WTSC will be followed up by the pool manager, course assistant or coach (the office will not process any leave application). Students may suggest time slots for arranging the make-up lessons (if any). Pool managers or assistants will try their best to arrange for the make-up lesson of the same coach or a similar level of class. WTSC may not be able to fully meet the time slot requirement of the students since WTSC strictly abide by the requirement of the teacher-student ratio. 
  2. Pool managers or assistants will coordinate with the students to provide up to 2 make-up lesson time slot for the students to choose. If the student is absent from the make-up lesson will be regarded as giving up, WTSC will not re-arrange again.
  3. Any make-up lesson must be completed in the same course semester (3 months for Kowloon and the N.T. and 1 to 2 months for HK Island). Any unfinished make-up lesson will be treated as a waiver, no rearrangement will be offered.





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