Coach & Staff Training Workshop was held on 1st Jul at Shatin Lam Tai Fai College. This year we invited lawyer Mr Ivan Ho and Mr James Chan to explain the practical rules of Trade Description Ordinance, and Ms Karen Lo, the registered consultant of Association for Applied Sport Psychology, to share some knowledge related to Psychology of Sports.

Our Course Executive Senior Coach also gave talks to new swimming coaches, shared his experience in coaching swimmers based on the 10 level teaching progress scheme, this helps to maintain the coaching quality of the coaches.

We also awarded those "Elite Swimming Coaches" and "Elite Course Assistants" certificates during the event, to reward their contribution and encourage our staff to keep their outstanding performance in services.

Above: Mr. James Chan gave a talk on "Trade Description Ordinance".
Above: All the coaches and front line staff attended the workshop.
Above: The Course Executive Senior Coach shared his coaching experience with new coaches.
Above: Ms Karen Lo shared the knowledge of Sports Psychology with the audience.
Above: Coaches were separated into small groups and discussed the coaching knowledge.
Above: Coaches gave their opinion during the workshop.
Above: WTSC chairman, Mr. Steve Lee presented certificates to "Elite Swimming Coaches".
Above: WTSC chairman, Mr. Steve Lee presented certificates to "Elite Course Assistants".