In view of the gradual relief of the COVID-19 epidemic, the HK Government has reopened public swimming pools for public use. WTSC is also scheduled to gradually resume swimming lessons and team training from 2 Oct (Fri) depending on the corresponding swimming pool opening schedule.

WTSC has called all the parents who registered the swimming courses to listen their wishes to resume lessons one by one and make appropriate arrangements. If you still have not received any calls from WTSC, please call 2512 2793 to ask for details during WTSC office hours.

For those who join the team training, you may contact your corresponding coach for details.

In order to ensure the safety of all people in the swimming pool and to comply with the government's requirements for swimming venues, WTSC will make the following arrangements* :

1) Alcohol handrub is added at the entrance of the swimming pool for all people to use;

2) Those who enter the swimming pool area must undergo a temperature check, and the body temperature is equal to or lower than 37.5 degrees Celsius before entering;

3) All people must wear masks in the swimming pool (except in the water, between the locker room and the pool surface, or washing themselves);

4) Restrict each student can only allow 1 accompanying parent/guardian to enter the parent observation area (Lam Tai Fai Secondary School and Renaissance College parent observation areas are temporarily closed), and limit the number of people that can be accommodated according to the size of the parent observation area;

5) Avoid crowds, all students and parents are not allowed to stay in the swimming pool unless they need to go to and from class;

6) Use 1:49 diluted household bleach every 2 hours to clean and disinfect the toilets and wash basins in the changing room;

7) Disinfect swimming equipment regularly;

8) Disinfected carpets are provided at the entrance and exit of the dressing room, and clean venom is sprayed on the carpet regularly;

9) The changing room will limit the number of users, and the pool staff will make a decision according to the actual situation;

10) The changing room only opens alternate shower cubicles or shower heads.

11) Students must submit a health declaration form in the first lesson of each swimming period;

12) The coaches wear masks during the course to prevent flying;

13) Minimize physical contact between the coaches and the students during the training period;

14) Swimming classes will be held in groups, each group will keep a distance of 1.5 meters;

15) If the student is found to be unwell, the staff will ask the student to leave the pool area and go home to rest under safe conditions.

For enquiries, please call 2512 2793 during Yongtian office hours.

*Part of the measures are only applicable to swimming pools managed by WTSC, including swimming pools at Pui Ching Primary School, St. Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School, Fukien Secondary School, Lam Tai Fai College, and Renaissance College. For details, please contact the pool staff.