Win Tin swimmer Sze Hang Yu created the new Women 100M Butterfly Hong Kong Record in World Swimming Championships (25M), her new record time 58.02 seconds is 0.05 second faster than her club teammate Chan Kin Lok's old record 58.07 seconds. Although she cannot enter the final, and only finished in 58.17 seconds in the semi-final, her brilliant performance still worth at our hand in acclamation. Chan Kin Lok also finished the same event in 58.27 seconds and got the 15th place of the event.

Win Tin Swimming Club - 13th World Champ (25M)_2
Above: Sze Hang Yu (Left) broke the Women 100M Butterfly HK Record of Chan Kin Lok (Right).


Photo Source:FINA - Giorgio Scala/Deepbluemedia、Sze Hang Yu Facebook