In response to the enquiries about the status of the courses to be resumed, we now disclose the status of “Operation Resumed” and “Operation not Resumed” of the swimming pools:

“Resume Operation” Swimming Pools (WTSC is contacting the parents for informing the course to be resumed arrangement):

- La Salle College

- Lam Tai Fai College

- Fukien Secondary

- Telford Recreation Club

- Kennedy Town

- Kwun Tong

“Close Operation” Swimming Pools: 

- Renaissance College (ESF) (Not re-open yet)

- Pui Ching Primary School (Under improvement construction)

- Spotlight Recreation Club (No available swim lane)

- Victoria Park (No available space for lessons)

- Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park (No available space for lessons)

- Morrison Hill (No available space for lessons)

- Siu Sai Wan (No available space for lessons)

- Kowloon Park (No available space for lessons)


If the status of the swimming pool is updated to "Resume Operation", WTSC will contact and inform related courses’ students about the course resume arrangement phase by phase.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 2512 2793 during our office hours.